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    Klassen, Mark  
    Mercury Games, [2015].
    96 Wooden Patient Markers, 32 "Graysles" Disease Cubes, 64 Hospital Tiles, 28 Special Room Tiles (2 each of 14 types), 16 Starting Treatment Room Tiles, 8 Additional Treatment Room Tiles, 4 Lobby Tiles, 8 Bonus Action Markers, 4 Action Tokens, 1 Draw Bag + 1 Rule Book ;
    1 copy available at Sheridan - Davis.
    • Holdings
      Sheridan - Davis Copies Material Location
      GV1469 .Q63 2015 1 Board Games Behind the Davis circulation desk
        Note: This game is available for a 3 day loan. There is a $1.00 per hour fine if the game is not returned by the specified time. Please return all games directly to the circulation desk.

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